R&R Developments is centrally situated at 396 Gerrit Maritz Street, Pretoria North, Gauteng, South Africa and service customers from all over South Africa.

We Specialize in
 Spitronics fitments and Tunning. Spitronics diagnostics and wiring repairs.
Maintenance and repairs on all light vehicles.
We also do Spitronics support and this means we will come to you.
Any Petrol Engine Conversion. Turbo or Supercharger Conversions.
NOS Fitments. Minor and Major Performance Upgrades.


Automotive repair service.
We also deliver automotive repair services.

We serve an number of customers for who, we do minor and major services. As well as major and minor repairs on their cars trucks and equipment.

We do clutch and brake repairs as well as engine repairs and replacements.


We specialize in spitronics ECU and TCU fitments as well as Spitronics faultfinding and wiring repairs. Spitronics ECU and TCU tunning and spitronics upgrades and replacements.

We have been involved with spitronics since 2008 and have attended a couple of spitronics training sessions.

Spitronics systems is our bread and butter!


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