Toyota Hilux 4x2 Lexus 1uz V8 conversion with Spitronics Venus ECU

Doing the wiring reliable is our aim and main concern if you see the way that its been done by following these pictures you will know that this will be as reliable as can be un fortunately this comes with a price! Besides the bill this work takes time a job like this takes up to 5 days depending on the type of vehicle the conversion is being done in.

Lexus V8 engine conversions

At R&R Developments we are not concerned about the time we take to repair or fit the Spitronics systems we take pride on our work we rather take a day or 2 longer and know if the client leaves our premises he will be happy because the job was done right. 

Lexus v8 conversion toyota Hilux

Spitronics is our game and its one of the things we do Best!

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